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We Need a Driver’s Test

jagoff drivers

This intersection seems to be confusing to drivers. So does the idea of common courtesy.

From your driving manual, when do you signal your intentions?  When going straight or when following the contour of the road to the right?

If you guessed straight….. you’re wrong.

The answer: You don’t need a turn signal when going to the right because…it’s the SAME ROAD!  But, if you’re going straight, TO A DIFFERENT ROAD, you need a turn signal. Both oncoming traffic directions have a stop sign so cars sit and wait for you to tell them what you’re going to do.

But drivers get this wrong 1,232,451 times a day. And here’s the other thing…if you use common courtesy.. and get off your phone and pay attention.. you can feel free to signal both ways. It doesn’t take any extra gas or human energy.  Just use some common courtesy.. YaJagoffs!


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