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Vintage Jagoffs

Vintage Post – Ohio Drivers

1) YES!  This is an Ohio driver – driving in the left lane, for no apparent reason!!!

2) WHY is this categorized as a “Vintage Jagoff?”  Because everyone in Pennsylvania – especially Pittsburghers that make their annual pilgrimage to “Pittsburgh South” i.e, Myrtle Beach – know that there is an unexplained phenomenon of Ohio drivers that LOVE driving in the passing lane as carefree and casual as if they sauntering through Barefoot landing after eating a full plate of Umberto’s pasta.  FYI, even my Ohio friends agree and cannot explain this issue with their Buckeye Compatriots.

So, to Ohio drivers, here’s driving 101:

1)  The left lane of the road is the PASSING lane – used to drive in when you are trying to get around another driver.  After you pass that driver, you get back into the right lane.

2) The right lane is where you can casually drive while you talk on your phone, text, daydream, gaze around or dream up or revel in the fact that the Browns are ahead of the Steelers in the NFL standings

(And here the biggest tip)

3) The gas pedal is the pedal on the right, YA JAGOFF!!!

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