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Useless Stop Lights- Coraopolis

YaJagoff Pittsburgh Blog

At 1am, where should stop-lights be?  In the garbage can! Especially if they are in a town like Coraopolis that has zero traffic at 1am and MAYBE just enough traffic to have a stop SIGN at 1pm!


9:30pm I get up from my couch at 9:30pm

9:40pm I load my hockey equipment into my car including some appropriately chilled beer for the boys with which to celebrate. (We don’t celebrate wins, we mainly celebrate surviving the game without being injured).

10:00pm (approximately) I arrive at the arena

10:20pm (approximately) game starts

11:30pm (approximately) game ends

11:31:02:01pm (approximately) beer drinking begins (caveat to not prep ones-self for a DUI)

01:00am (approximately) driving home (not drunk for the record)

I presented the timeline above because, during this entire time, 2, MAYBE 3 vehicles entered the above intersection.  All of them, more than likely, had to stop for a USELESS REDLIGHT!!!!

Coraopolis (and all other small towns) get some stop signs or pay me by the our to stop at your useless stoplights, YaJagoffs!!!

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