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Driving Jagoffs

Trifecta of Traffic No-No’s  

Today’s Blog by Rach!

As the mother of a soon-to-be-driver, I am a little more prone to driving do’s and don’t do’s these days.  But this scenario was a violation massacre.  A trifecta of do not do this everrrrrr. 

While we are still working on that ease up to the stop sign process, versus the hit the sign three feet before and suddenly stop sensation, parallel parking is also a work-in-progress.  In this case, parallel parking is not even a thought.  I actually thought it was a what not to do demo…perhaps a slow-down and tuck and roll scene from a movie.  But, no.  The driver legit thought that parking there was fine and in a crooked, diagonal manner.  Now, is the three feet from a curb rule still in effect?  If so, my feet and inches are usually not the best, but this may be a yard (right?) 

And come on lady, the no parking sign is clearly visible.  It sticks up quite a few feet (I know my feet here because it is a pretty tall marker) and is vividly marked with the strikethrough over the P.  Now, the mother of all mistakes, the fire hydrant.  Anyone who is anyone knows this is the epitome of parking no-no’s.  Just.  Don’t.  Do.  It!  What if that T-Mobile location were to burst into flames and the space with the hydrant was not available for the fire truck?  Then what?  

To top off the triangle of wrongdoings, sister was not quick about her illegal parking position.  She chatted with some friends, stood on the street and smoked a cig.  There ya have it. The parking villain just made it all worse.  No urgency. No emergency.  Nope, just the need to create an illegal parking spot.  The silver lining?  A visual demo of what not to do for the next driving lesson with my son.  Thanks for the real-life example, ya jagoff.  


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