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Tomorrow, its a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 9am on the YaJagoff Facebook Page!!

St patricks day parade post

So, you thought there wasn’t going to be a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Pittsburgh?  Well, you are one lucky jagoff, there will be.  Kind of!  

This Saturday morning, wake up, stay in your pj’s, snag some lucky charms and Irish coffee—no alcohol jagoffs the fun starts at 9 a.m.  Just tune into the YaJagoff Facebook page ( it will be like standing on Stanwix waiting for the parade to start dahntahn. 

With the exception of the horses and Irish setters, expect the traditional parade participants to wish a top o’ the mornin’ to ya. After all, the jagoffs are used to marching in the St. Patrick’s Day paradeinstead, the parade goes to the paraders 

Who to expect: 

  • Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Chief Executive 
  • Richard O’Malley – St. Patrick 
  • A cappella “Danny Boy Trio,” Jack “Johnny Angel” Hunt, Gary “Bubba” Daley and Chris Murphy 
  • The Pittsburgh Pucas Hurling Team 
  • Pat, Big Cat, Mullin of the North Side Irish 
  • Peggy Harkins, 25+ year parade staple in her leprechaun attire 
  • Kevin Conboy, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Secretary 
  • “Mac” McCafferty, St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Chairperson      
  • Live music from The Wild Geese, thanks to a hookup from Fuzion Entertainment      

So, get up early! Get your WORSH done. Don your green attire. Tune your smilin’ Irish eyes onto  

As a side note, the crew will be entering the Guinness/Carhartt #MakeYourOwnParade social media contest. Salienta, YaJagoffs! (Used in the term of endearment form.) 

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard

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