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Toilet Sniper in Westmoreland County

Man shot from bathroom jagoff blog

Well, the summary of this blog post is going to be, make sure ya secure your handgun before you try to take a poop!

The Cliff Note Deets:

  • Poor Robert Hood was watching TV sitting on the floor of his first floor apartment.
  • Thankfully he moved out to the couch because…
  • His second floor neighbor, Shawn Moran, was trying to use the toilet upstairs when he said his 9mm pistol got caught in his shirt and went off, sending a bullet through the floor and into Hood’s apartment.
  • Mr. Hood has a bloody hand. Can’t call 911 so asks Mr. Moran to call 911 for him
  • Mr. Moran ends up with some felony and other charges.

See full story from Ross Guidotti on KDKA-TV

I mean, have ya ever dropped your cell phone into the toilet or near the toilet? Of course you have.  Given that, would you ever trust  yourself to take a pee or poop while holding a freshly sharpened Fuji Knife, machete or a gun while you’re at the toilet?  I’m raising MY hand over here. Hell, I don’t even want to try and hold a rock while trying to relieve myself at the toilet. If that thing would it my instep, I’d have a major cleanup AND anguish.

But my man, Moran, fumbled a gun and shot through the floor!  So much for a safety on the gun. so much for safe gun handling and so much for that casting call to be a quick-draw cowboy! With that kind of hand dexterity, I’d hate to be the one that has to clean around the outside of your toilet, YaJagoff!

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