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Port Authority YaJAgoff Podcast

It is no secret that Uber has gotten some negative press, and I’m not quite sure where the Yellow Cabs have gone? That could be a blog for a different day.  There are still thousands of yinzers who car pool, and those who drive alone so that they can complain about the cost of city parking, parking meters, parking garages, and other drivers they pass along the way and where those drivers choose to park. 

But for the select group of folks who hung in there and ignored all of the new means of transportation and continued to wait for their 16 B, alas there are some major upgrades. That’s right, the ”Patters, ” you know, those loyal Port Authority riders who know when the fare has increased and get annoyed when people like me ask the cost of a transfer? 

Indeed, these loyal riders are now getting plastic seats, monitors on the bus, and sapphire lighting. Nothing says good morning folks like sapphire lights. Did I mention more USB charging ports and upgraded bike racks?  These updates are sure to calm any disgruntled downtown worker. The reported best change is the ease to clean the plastic seat, and who doesn’t need to charge the phone, iPad, AirPods, or laptop after work? 

 But what about the sapphire lights? I did my homework and Port Authority is brilliant. sapphire is meant to bring peace and contentment. Who doesn’t want that after a day of work? I don’t see the angry Kia or Subaru drivers opening car doors after a long day of work and feeling at peace. Kudos to the Port Authority, they done good. I think you just secured your “Patters” for life. What could be better? Maybe if the bus driver was Franco or Rocky? Ain’t happening, Ya Jagoffs!!

See original article in Post Gazette.

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