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Thieves Try to Steal Firefighter’s Car.. While He Was on a Call

Munhall firefighter car thieves

Lots of stuff in the news about how we can get people to teach, be healthcare providers, police officers and.. of course, volunteer firefighters. So, how much does a person suck who tries to steal a car.. that is owned by a volunteer firefighter …who is on a fire call helping someone in need? See full story on

Yep…that happened. While a Munhall firefighter was out, 2 people tried to break into his car.

As is typical, some thieves are smarter than we give them credit for.  These guys…. weren’t smart enough to get into the car but… with a little training, you two, we can teach you how to actually break into cars.. LEGALLY.. when there are trauma patients trapped in them after crashes.

Quit breaking into cars and do something like volunteer for good… YaJagoffs!

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