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The WORST Way to Cut Your Grass (Must See Video)

lawn cutting jagoffs

You have seen the landscape trailers in the morning gas line hogging up all of the space while you need a quick quarter-tank to get to work on time.  You have seen those brush hog thingies along the side of the roads cutting back the weeds, jagger bushes, bottles, tires, etc. that are lingering.

But! Have you ever seen what we see here. (Or what our Honorary Jagoff Catcher saw and recorded).

See video HERE.

As you will see on the video, the lawn mower is attached to the back of the pickup truck and the pickup truck is driving around on the grass draggggggging the lawnmower around.  At press time, we could not confirm if the lawnmower was set on mulch. We also could not confirm if there had been or was going to be edging after the main cutting.

If you haven’t clicked to watch video yet, go ahead and do it HERE! You will not be sorry.

Hey there grass-cutter in the vid, there’s a fine line between genius and crazy. Sorry to say that you leaped well over that line and are far into the crazy classification as we watch you drive around with the tag-along mower or grasshopper sidecar!  And the worst thing is, with the way the mower is twisting, you can’t make awesome diagonal lines, YaJagoff!


Thanks again to @sdotmariee  on Instagram for the video!

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