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The Useless Carwash Vacuum

Jagoff blog post Pittsburgh

Today’s jagoff is… an inanimate item… the vacuum nozzle at every car wash.  Yeah, it may have the sucking power of a jet engine but.. .it doesn’t fit into any nooks and crannies of the car.  Oh sure, it gets all of the stuff off of the flat floor matts but.. can it get down inside the center console and the front seat to get those 2 4-month old French fries?  Can it get in the corner of the trunk of the newly shaped cars to get last year’s Christmas tree pine needles?


At the price of 12 quarters… I’d like to have my car cleaned! Someone invent something new for the angles inside the new cars… YaJagoffs!

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard

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