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YaJagoff Podcast with Dawn Keezer

#YaJagoff Podcast

The Producers Episode  

June 15, 2020

Dawn Keezer produces opportunities for Pittsburgh through movies, Shaun Pierce is behind the production of major first-time openings and events, and Randi Marchezak produces the process from Twin Brook Dairy to Millie’s Ice Cream. The jagoffs produced convos with each of them and managed to snag another single from Whelming Waters Band.

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YaJagoff Podcast With Dawn Keezer


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Question of the Day

It is officially summer, but it’s a post Covid–19 Summer, what still screams summer in Pittsburgh for you?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

5:30 Randi

Randi Marchezak from Twin Brook Dairy Co. of Wershington County talks the balance of rural and city life while chasing dreams where the grass can be greener. Grazing on that grass are her three different kinds of cows which help in the production of Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream. Thanks to three generations of farmers for producing good products, and the perfect podcast segment.

22:35 Dawn Keezer

Director of the Pittsburgh Film Office, Dawn talks about the movie industry navigating the realms of COVID-19. Just like an action-packed storyline, three film folks have been perfecting the library database for when the film office is ready to open-up. Listen to find out which film star is obsessed with Kelly O’s Diner and is John’s assumption about Michael Keaton and the word jagoff correct? What else did the fan boy learn about Batman?

42:55 Shaun Pierce

Owner of Pierce Events and long-time Rennebeck friend, Shaun Peirce talks his background of 30+ years in event planning, the ups, downs and big risks that turn into big rewards. From national dealings with Cinemark, to Pittsburgh’s Party at the Pier, he’s mastered it all and still presses the importance of constant education. Listen to his extensive background and what he looks forward to post COVID-19 here!

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