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GRUB HUB FLUB and GrubHub Jagoffs

Remember the Bugs Bunny affiliated cartoon that featured Spike the bull dog and the terrier who ran beside him saying hey Spike! Right Spike? Where we going Spike?  Welllllll the food delivery service Grub Hub is the terrier and the Spike restaurants are dog tired of them hanging around when they weren’t asked.  

So many restaurants have complained that they have not partnered with the delivery dudes but they will not go away.  One local owner even said no thank you I do not need the business and the rep said we are going to do business with you any way.  Wait what? 

Come on GH, restaurants are trying to accommodate the peeps of Pittsburgh and still offer carry out and curb side, after all to each their own as we acclimate to the new norm, but they also want butts in seats.  Plus, some places have delivery drivers on their own payroll.   

No matter what restaurants say, Grub Hub is like naw we will stay.  Like gum on a shoe, or that boog you can’t flick, Grub Hub is a stubborn SOB. Restaurants, be clear.  Be stern.  Try something like GH, GH go away, don’t come back day after day.  How about Grub Hub, um that is all folks…there’s the door…..Hasta Lavista. 

Better yet, go true Pittsburgh on those two-timing, rhyming, won’t go away delivery duds.  We suggest you try the yinzer way…we don’t need your service, ya jagoff 

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