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Jagoff or Not? The Pickleball Noise Complainers

Pickleball noise complaints

Not sure what to do with this so we made it a Jagoff or Not post!

Pickleball is everywhere.  It was even a part of the national senior games that were here in the Burgh a few months ago.  Young.. old.. everyone is playing it.

So, just like all good things, someone has to complain. This complaint is about the noise levels that come out of pickleball playing.  Really?  Are they that bad?  Are they so bad that you just can’t be happy that everyone is active and working on being healthy at all ages?  See full story on

Seems like this reminds me of the woman in our neighborhood that were keep our ball when it went into her yard.  Is this just cranky people mad about other people are having fun?  Are the complainers jagoffs or not?  You tell us!


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