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The “Not Quite” Car Thief

YaJagoff Blog Post

This is not a man vs. woman blog post. This is a stupid vs. NOT stupid blog post!

Everything Jesse Burton is accused of by State Police is “attempted!” (See story in TribLive)

  • She attempted to steal a car. (But the guy said “please get outta my car.”
  • She attempted to wrestle the car keys from the man. (But she couldn’t so she ran away.)
  • She attempted to run away from the police. (But was seen walking along a rode a few minutes later.)

Jesse… when NASA goes to space, they practice, practice and practice more.  When sports teams win sports championships, they have practiced a lot before that! When thieves plan heists, they usually plan things out a little better. Hell, even though the Pirates suck, even THEY practice. Go get some practice, probs in jail, and let’s do another round or something in a year once you’re outta jail…(or maybe just don’t do bad stuff at all because your BAD at it).. YaJagoff!

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