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What Aggravates Me John Knight

The King


Welcome to our regular Saturday feature “What Aggravates Me”

It wasn’t so much that I was distracted as I really wasn’t expecting it. I was almost at the end of my more than five hour drive to the Pocono’s last Friday. The resort where I would be performing was ahead on the left. Maybe because I was concentrating more on reaching my destination than anything else I almost drove past without noticing. When I did see it I had to let it sink in for a moment to really believe what I had seen. It was a sign outside of a restaurant and lounge on my right.

“Appearing tonight, Gary Oakee, the King of Karaoke.”

How perfect is that? I’m sure it’s a stage name but if Gary Oakee is in fact his given name, what choice did he have than to become the king of Karaoke? I almost missed it and I try to always pay attention to my surroundings. This keeps me from getting hit by a car or robbed in the woods looking for non-existent Pokémon.

Yes, the latest distraction to keep people from paying attention. Two of the easiest things to remember we were taught as children are,

“Look both ways when crossing the street.”


“Don’t go into the woods at night.”

Seems simple enough, but I’m not looking for something that’s not really there.

It must be all of the distractions that brought us to where we are right now. Remember when Donald Trump first entered the race? Even if you didn’t like him, you have to admit he made things entertaining. It was fun the way he shook things up and took the life-long politicians out of their comfort zone. We would enjoy it for the short time it lasted but we all knew,

“There’s no way this clown is getting the nomination.”

But, then one knucklehead after another dropped out of the race and we still thought…

“Surely somebody will come along…”

Guess what? While people were hunting for fake Pokémon this past week, the Trump circus rolled into Cleveland to accept the Republican Party nomination. I thought we would see the city overrun with swarms of frogs and locusts as the rivers boiled and caught on fire. Of course nobody would have noticed because it’s Cleveland and that happens all the time.

So now he has the nomination and you’re saying…

“But, that’s as far as it will go…”

Guess what? This coming week the Democrats are going to Philadelphia to nominate a woman that nobody is too crazy about either. She comes to town dragging a big pile of dirty laundry. That’s not to mention the contributions she receives from Wall Street and corporations that like the rules tilted in their favor. This is what we have to choose from. Maybe I should stop paying attention and start looking for imaginary Pokémon. I just think if you get a chance to see the end of the world, you look up and take a peek.

So this is where we are. We got here because not enough of us have been paying attention. So unless a miracle happens, our choices are a woman that is bought and paid for by the one percent against a monosyllabic- egomaniac. I think we know how this ends.

At that moment on January 20 of next year, when Donald Trump puts one hand on a bible and raises the other in the air. When he takes the oath of office and becomes leader of the free world. As you feel the stinging in your throat from the bile that has backed up from the deepest pit of your guts. When you say to yourself,

“My God, what have we done?”

At that moment, just remember one thing. Somewhere in the Pocono’s, Gary Oakee will still be the King of Karaoke.

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