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The Junk Truck

Listen, we all have too much junk at home or even in our car and isn’t it a blessing when someone comes and hauls that stuff away.  Sure, you can try a garage sale but, after your second or third garage sale, you realize what a pain in the @$$ those things are being nickle-and-dimed on every lamp, toy, rake and cassette tape.  Eventually you realize the benefit of a junk truck and how super easy and mind-cleansing it is.

But what happens to the junk truck once it leaves?  Well… possibly this. And then maybe it’s too full and starts to drop stuff on the street like the broom the fell of of this truck while we were behind it.

Junk truck.. we truly appreciate the work you do but, we aren’t interested in playing a real-life game of  Grand Theft Auto, riding behind you dodging junk shrapnel as we drive down the road.  Learn to pack like a dad, YaJagoff!

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