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The Cratest Mistake, YaJagoff!

Has the parking chair lost its luster? Has the yinzer culture of saving a parking space become a laissez fare thing? No way yinz jags!

Turn in your yinzer card and do not think for a minute that by grabbing any object that you find in your garage counts as a space saver when parking.  I have seen people stand in a potential parking space to hold it for a friend to park and watched a parallel parker ignore the person..person!

For some reason this Brighton Heights street parker thought that tossing a couple of crates next to the curb was gonna deter parkers. And are you telling us that by making the non-sensical parker markers Cincinnati colors you thought yinzers would adhere?

Folding, dining, upholstered, torn, whatever.  As long as the chair has four legs it will do the trick. Save the crates, ya jagoff, this is Pittsburgh!

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