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The 2021 Jagoff of the Year

jagoff of the year

Here it is! As voted by yinz!  The 2021 Jagoff of the Year

Ding dong! The doorbell caught ya!

This is the classic dumb criminal jagoff.  Doesn’t everyone realize that there are cameras EVERYWHERE?  Oh, maybe she did, so she donned a costume, a FedEx shirt…thinking, none of my neighbors will recognize me in this shirt! Especially when I am stuffing packages underneath it. Gawd knows, the FedEx employees always stuff packages under their shirts.

The best part is this she did a wardrobe change:

“Neighbors say in one incident she knew she was caught on camera, so she went back to her car, put on a camo jacket and a different colored mask and returned to steal more packages shortly after.”

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Yeppir.. you read that right both times.. she was stealing from neighbors.. people that could easily identify her… haaa. And the neighbors weren’t even questioning if she got a job working for FedEx.. they knew her history.. knew she was grinching their packages all along.

Hey neighborly neighbor.. you’re supposed to deliver things to your neighbors.. like cookies, a cup of sugar, chicken noodle soup. Thinking you’re gonna have fun in your NEW neighborhood… the county jail, YaJagoff!

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