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The 2019 Annual #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs March Madness – ELITE 8

Ok.. time to vote for the Elite 8!

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  • MEANDER-thals  – Event walkers or diagonal-walking-street-crossers – Just go straight, get off your phone and pick up the pace! (from Mary, New Castle and Maureen K, Facebook)
  • Skinny Lanes on Route 51 – because 1 in 2,897 drivers actually know how to judge the size of their car (from Stan, Virginia)
  • Alcohol (a contender every year) – pretty much a key “Jagoff Maker” on a daily basis. (Last year’s winner)
  • Facebook – It can be a good place to catch up with family and friends but…. (from @MixtyMotions, Twitter, Virginia)
  • The Speaker Function on Cell Phones – We all don’t need to hear your convo!!! 
    (from @MixtyMotions, Twitter, Virginia)  – A
  • Kids Sporting Events– The kids are having fun. The parents? Urggggh! (from Sue M, Instagram)
  • Highway Merging Ramps– In other words, people that STOP while getting on the highway vs. yielding and getting up to speed to get on the highway (from Allie, D Facebook)
  • Road Construction “Merge Here” Signs – It clearly says, “use land to merge point!”

Don’t see the voting poll in your email, CLICK HERE to Vote

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard