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Restaurant Jagoffs

That Was our Food, You “BUCKhead!”

Get ready.. ’cause we’re gonna complain!

This week, we went to an event at Buckhead Saloon, Station Square. Keep in mind, the younger peeps in our lives warned us to not expect a lot because this is a younger person’s hangout and may not be what WE expect from a bar/restaurant.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED because we ain’t old!

SPOILER ALERT: we walked out of the place shaking our heads and talking to ourselves like as if we were 90 year-old life-critics .. except we had no stolen and of the free sugar, salt and pepper packets in our purses and pockets!

Timeline of Events:

  • We attended an event which was very nice.
  • We had the chance to interview a person at the event… for our podcast.
  • We left our partially consumed drinks, partially eaten food and some personal affects at our table while we slid behind a curtain to interview our subject (for 12 minutes)
  • Wonderful interview with a super nice Pittsburgher accomplished
  • Upon return to our table, our partially consumed drinks, partially eaten food and  personal affects, including a cell phone had been piled up on the end of the bar. And, our table had been given to another group!
  • Keep in mind, there were about 12 people in the entire place so it wasn’t like WE were the jagoffs leaving a table open while others were waiting or a server was waiting to turn a table.
  • We asked about our stuff… the two guys at the bar act like….“I mean…WUT?” 
  • We explain what our complaint is and that we want to close out our tab. “Wut Man #1” gives us the tab of more than $75 which includes the food $5 fries and 3 half-consumed drinks.. that are now sitting on the end of the bar in a heap of napkins and random other papers.
  • We question about the tab .. are we paying for the stuff that we kinda consumed? “Wut Man #2” says, “Well how many of the fries did you eat?” We are clearly irritated at this point and ask for a manager.
  • “Wut Man #1” goes to seek the manager. “Wut Man #2” returns to the scene after doing some other running around.. and says HE will go, right away, to get the manager.
  • Both “Wut Men” come back saying that they can’t find the manager as they randomly walk around the bar.. as if they are catching Pokemon Go prizes.

Ok.. done with the rant.. the ending… we left without seeing a manager and THAT’S when we instantly became the 90 year-old life critics about how the staff basically didn’t give “2 $hit$” (as my mother, who is not 90, would say) about our sitch.

Buckheads…we didn’t like you and you probably didn’t like us. Like…. we can’t even be friends on Facebook to be honest. Guessing you are used to younger people getting tanked and just leaving their food and phones behind and don’t care to complain. We were warned!!  Looking forward to never spending $75 at your place ever again, YaJagoffs!

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