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Thanksgiving Givers Who Aren’t Jagoffs

YaJagpff Blog Thanksgiving photo

John Arlet’s story is not the cookie cutter “disease getting better” scenario, so donate and continue the tradition in helping my nonprofit. Instead, he boldly tells you that he is many years clean of his sickness now and relies on his amazing support system of people, as well as his faith, to continue his battle with addiction.  

For multiple years now, John organizes a food drive for hundreds of families to experience Thanksgiving dinner. The best part? He starts his list with every 3/4 house in the city, and not one meal is prepared prior to delivery. This is his way of helping people who have the desire to help themselves and preparing the meal together, in his mind, is therapeutic.  

Last night we assembled team YaJagoff made up of volunteers who follow the podcast and blog. The coolest part was there were more volunteers than duties needed. The next coolest part? There’s no Jagoff to call out, unless you count John Arlet’s Pittsburgh way of describing delivery locations. In other words, John does not always provide delivery drivers (John and Rachael) with a physical address people, instead he will tell you what the front porch looks like and what Pittsburgh landmark it is near. Now those are directions Pittsburgh style, ya jagoff! 

Thank you, Pete the Car Man and Bonny, Jason and Tammy, Bunni, Mikey, Dale and Lisa, Rachael, Lisa and Callie for spending a rainy, gloomy night doing good things for a good cause. 

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