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Needed: New Years Even GirlTalk Correspondant – Pittsburgh


YJ-girltalkheaderThanks to the Non-Jagoffs @BeerCentralPGH we have tickets to the sold out GirlTalk show at Stage AE New Years Eve.

Can you be our New Year’s Eve Reporter??????

What we need:

You take our tickets.

You don’t scalp them

You don’t stay home with your parents playing Monopoly

You take crazy… but TASTEFUL pics

You tweet and Instagram from the event using #CoorsLightPgh hashtag (make sure you save it so you can paste it and get it right when you’re not sober)

After you wake up … hopefully sometime before January 3rd, you email us some notes to post on our blog

You get:

Tickets to the sold out show at Stage AE

To say you’re the new Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest of Pittsburgh


Who’s in??  Start  tweeting and IG’ing the following message now

Hey, , I wanna be the  for the show @YaJagoff !

Winner of the tickets will be posted here at 8am tomorrow, (That’s Tuesday, if you’re confused)

And the winners are


email us at at YaJagoff (at) Verizon (dot) Net or DM us on twitter for details.