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Stealing and ATM

Clearview ATM Stolen

This is the most breaking newsy thing of breaking news that we have ever had on this blog!  And we only have a, or some, dumb alleged criminals to thank.

We had an idea for a jagoff blog post today but, upon waking up, found this story breaking on WPXI.  Breaking so much that there’s not even a story to link to just yet on the website!

Here’s the skinny as the story is breaking:

  • Clearview Federal Credit Union, in Kennedy Township has some stand-alone ATM machines.
  • The one photo above is that ATM laying on its side after something/someone tried to pull it away.
  • The van, in the photo above, is at the scene and there’s some contemplation that it is is stolen from a church.. in order.. well.. you guessed it… to help steal the ATM by pulling it off of its mounts.

First.. thanks to those who ALLEGEDLY did this!  You made writing today’s blog post so easy.

Second… who, in their right mind, thinks that an ATM is attached to the ground with a few sheet metal screws or super glue?  You don’t think the engineers thought that someone might try to do this and, therefore, designed them so that, if anyone DID try to drag it away with a vehicle, that it would pull the bumper off of the vehicle before the ATM would move?

Finally.. it’s a bank!  Can’t wait to see how many camera angles they have of your faces as your attempting to steal this thing… Ya Jagoffs!

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