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Spring Cleaning For Your Fridge: Soergel’s Providing Fresh Take For Locally Grown Food

In March of 2020, Soergel Orchards changed the grocery shopping game during the pandemic by providing a fresh, new take of locally sourced ingredients delivered to the family table. What started as a small community venture to have make at-home dinners readily available for families, curating dinners from scratch turned into something much more popular and sustaining for their business model, while showcasing the convenient accessibility of shopping local for grocery produce and goods.

Amy Soergel, manager at Soergel’s Orchards, says, “We started a new program, Soergel’s Essentials, which started with a hand-out of 50 grocery bags blew up into an everyday necessity for customer needs after a local TV station caught news of what we were doing.”



Image via Soergel Orchards

The Soergel’s Essentials program is designed to take the hassle and stress out of meal prepping for the week by providing locally sourced, fresh food to your car. Their wide selection includes kitchen essentials such as milk, eggs, and butter, as well as weekly curated meal kits like lasagna, pizza, tacos, pierogis, chicken, meatloaf, fajitas and much, much more.

The best part? They provide the recipe cards and everything you need for a delicious meal packed and ready to go.

Image via Soergel Orchards

Soergel’s Essentials has simplified the meal planning game and packs it directly to your car’s trunk when picking up for delivery. Currently, weekly meals are announced every Tuesday and Friday, and customers can customize pickup orders by using the add-on link provided in the order. Pick your own three meals out of 10 and add on whole veggies, fruits and other items locally grown or sourced from Soergel’s.

The best way to order meals is to shop via the Soergel’s website and sign up for their newsletter featured on the homepage of the website to get the weekly updates fast.

Around the holidays, such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or Easter, expect a little more of the recipes geared toward the food-focused traditions of the holiday.

Recipes for each meal kit includes all ingredients and can be easily prepared by pros or beginners in the kitchen.

Soergel says, “It’s a cool part of this business in that we can offer a way of stepping out the box with new recipes and different flavors to make our meal kits sustainable and accessible for all to enjoy.”

Image via Soergel Orchards

In addition, Soergel’s provides a drive-thru donut pickup for Oram’s every Saturday morning and a breakfast box pickup that can include juice, eggs, bacon and many of the other breakfast staples. The family-owned dynamic has also spearheaded a Naturally Soergels thanks to Amy Soergel, which includes thousands of options available for gluten-free, nut-free and vegan diets.

No need to worry about what to cook for dinner, spring clean your grocery shopping by heading to Soergel’s Orchards for an easy pickup!

Image via Cam Soergel

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