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Special Sunday Post – Braddock’s Restaurant Contest


Hey all, we don’t normally post on Sundays but this is interesting and important!!!!  We only have 5 days to vote.

Braddock’s Restaurant in the downtown area is having a “Whiskey Cocktail” contest.  We submitted cocktail called………yep…… “YaJagoff” and are one of the finalists to win.  The winning drink gets to be featured on the bar menu as well as a $100 gift card to the restaurant.

The contest is on Facebook and it’s simple.  You just go LIKE the photo of our drink.

Here’s what we are gonna do….WE LOVE BRADDOCKS so much that it makes us drool like Pavlov’s dog and we would love to have that $100 gift card.  On the other hand, having the recognition on the menu is REALLY cool and what we REALLY want.

If we win the contest and gift card, we will do a raffle from those who LIKED our pic.. we will then give that $100 gift card to the raffle winner’s favorite charity so that they can use it to make even MORE $$.

This is the pic of our drink:

Please click here to VOTE and encourage the friends of your favorite charity to vote.

As usual, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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