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Someone Knocked The “h” Outta Pittsburgh



It’s been an intense week. Steelers go 0-4.  Pirates win the wild card game… and I wanted to just take a knee today!!  But… all of this great Pittsburgh stuff going on and BOOM! someone knocks the H outta Pittsburgh on a current website.

Oh wait, was this a website from the era of 1891-1911 when Pittsburgh was incorrectly spelled. (Reference) No, couldn’t be…cuz back in 1891-1911 they didn’t have PNC PARK! (We think that Area 51 actually had websites back then.)

As an aside … have the Pirates erased so much in our brains in this past season that we want dirt from PNC Park?  Just curious.

But back to the issue at hand…  It’s actually spelled correctly on the bronze piece, just wrong on the ad.

Hey MLB, I mean M el’ Bee, if you’re gonna sell stupid crap, could ya please get the spelling right on our name. Thank you for not spelling the name of the field, Pee Encee, Ya Jagoffs!!

By the way, if ya want one of these things, here’s the link.


Thanks to Carol Beggy for catching this on line and being our Honoarary Jagoff Catcher today.




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