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Single File Line, Literally

Our gal pal Dudders was recently At Magee. Luckily she was reporting on the new line protocol to help the rest of us silly hospital visitors.

According to our roving reporter on line management, the parking sitch is slightly altered. “I believe they’re following the, as long as there is one yellow line next to my car, it’s a parking space, rule,” said Dudders. Uh agreed.

Bad enough that there is ONE lowly line and not another to properly park the vehicle, but this person is parking right smack dab next to the entrance sign. I mean the driver door may be able to hit the entrance sign.  That is some close parking.

Back to the original issue, the single line. If there is just one, don’t park.  Clearly that means a car, truck, vehicle, moving means of transportation is NOT supposed to pull in.  Two lines, ok, but watch getting so close to the entrance, ya jagoff!


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