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Self Checkout Jagoffery – The Smart Phoner

Jagoff at self checkout

Everyone knows about the ignorance of taking “more than 14 items” through the 12-items-or-less lane, right?  (We usually give slack  for 2 small items.)

On this day, WHAT do I find?  Lost of people in line.. all lanes.. and this woman, chatting on the phone with one hand… using the other hand to casually pull one item at a time out of her cart to scan. And, occasionally, interrupting her scanning so that she can look at her phone, change ears or try the shoulder-chin phone maneuver which typically has marginal success.

She doesn’t care. This checkout lane is hers until she doesn’t want it anymore.

I am not one for new laws but I propose this one, the “If-you-are-by-yourself-and-you-have-so-many-items-that-you-have-to-stop-scanning-to-bag-some-of-your-stuff-in-order-to-keep-scanning-Or -you-have-no-idea-how-to-locate-a-bar-code-Or-you-have-never-used-an-ATM-card-Or-you-only-have $800 cash-in-dollar-bills-and-quarters-Or-you-have-enough-groceries-to-feed-3-teenage-boys-for-9-days-Or-if-you-are-so-young-that-you-are-trying-to-scan-your-Eagles-Nest-coloring-page-or-if -you-are-on-the-phone-Then-stay-away-from-the-self-check-out-lane” Law.

All of these people, like Phranny the Scanning Phoner (I thought that one up by myself) need to be more considerate of others.  Instead of making the rest of us suffer the pain of your casual conversation, please have some consideration for others and get off of your phone while you check out… YA JAGOFF!!!

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