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YaJagoff Blog School drop off

Yes, Rach is running for a second term as a school board director, but a jag move is a jag move.  Gotta call ’em as we see ’em!

Once a week there is a Rennebeck drive to school.  The in-and-out process is definitely tight, meaning narrow. The traffic can get chaotic from Laurel Gardens, and it is dark. But once you are in the “stop sign, go, stop sign go, line,” it is not a difficult process.

You wait in line, pull to the area that says pull up for drop off, within 10 seconds all students in the vehicle should have enough time to snag their backpack, jacket and even instrument if need be, and get out. Ten seconds is a gimme. People. Still. Can’t Do. It.

See the sign in the pic? See the action happening? People just willy nilly drop off wherevs and they take their time. If we just followed the rule, read the sign and executed, 10 seconds and out would be an easy task to execute. Read the sign and the stop sign go process could be simpler, ya jagoff!

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