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Sample Food Jagoffery

Costco Jagoffs

If you’re a member of a warehouse club, you know that going to one of those on a weekend, especially Saturday, provides more Jagoffery in one visit than this blog can handle for a week. From people hovering around the free samples, to parents letting their kids push the carts around the store to be “cute,” to drivers that sit in a lane, for 10 minutes waiting to get that one parking spot that is 4 spots closer than then another empty spot.

But going in the middle of the day on a weekday ain’t so bad. Plenty of room to move. Plenty of space to work your way around those families that mosey around 5 abreast trying to play Costco Rollerderby. Sidenote: I am DAMN good at Costco Rollerderby…. my self-proclaimed Costco Rollerderby nickname is “Pallet Crusher.”

Anyway, on a weekday, there is also plenty of space to hover around the samples and, guess what, plenty of space to pass by all of the garbage receptacles. I have used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the issue.

Hey Sandy (or Sammy) Sampler, you hover around the sampling senior citizen to get a tasty treat of beef jerky, honey mustard, parmesan chicken or a frozen taquito appetizer (they give ya the whooooole thing for appetizers!) Can ya take a sec to go back and do another appetizer hover formation, or even do a cart-fly-by, the sampling senior citizens and put your snack garbage where it’s supposed to be, YaJagoff??

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