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Saffron ‘n Sass: Goat Cheese and Fennel Cheese Ball

Pittsburgh proudly claims renowned nutritionist Leslie Bonci, and the 412 has gotten its taste of Sprezzatura’s Mediterranean-style home-cooked entrees. But thanks to this powerhouse duo, John tried his hand at a goat cheese and fennel cheese ball. 

Jen Saffron, owner of Sprezzatura, a gold-level sustainable café & catering space in Millvale, and Leslie Bonci, nutrition expert and owner of Active Eating Advice, have a passion for health and nutrition. The two provide 20 minutes of witty, sound advice that covers topics like Hot Flash in a Pan, Appliance Boot Camp, and Season with Reason (spices and herbs to pair with flavor to savor) like what do you do with those winter veggies, once a month on Sprezzatura’s Facebook page. 

John emulated their latest tip on how to make a charcuterie tray healthy and it was a hit! 

According to Leslie and Jen, a blood red orange is the sweet needed to perfect a healthy cheeseball.  

Fennel, the green stalks you tend to pass up in the produce section, are also a must.  Plus add some commonly used seasonings. 

In addition to the cheeseball, add some high fiber and antioxidants to create variety while keeping the options healthy. 

Oh, and find a unique display board, ya jagoff! 

John’s version was a hit at the Rennebeck house.  

Watch the next episode of Saffron and Sass January 9th at 10 a.m. on the Sprezzatura Facebook Page 

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