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If someone starts a conversation with who’s there, who ‘dat, and the answer is Joe… you know what’s next. Come on folks, Joe who? Joe mama. That is one of the oldest silly, but not silly, kind of dad jokes that still play out. 

National Joe Day is today and in typical  America needs something to do format, it encourages everyone to enjoy a cup of joe with all your friends named Joe, Jo, Joey, Joseph, and Josephine. We’d never leave out Joette, Jody, Johanna, Jodie, Joanne, Joanna, JoJo or any other variant of the name Joe.  

I mean can you imagine using the term he or she is just your average Bill? Not Average Joe? Or this is G.I. Jimmy, not Joe. How about I will have a Sloppy Dan, please. What? No Joe? I mean not to mention the reference to Joe Shmo or Joe Blow when on a rant or lapse of memory so referring to Joe with rhyming non-words is key. 

 According to the Social Security Administration, the name Joseph was ranked No. 6 from 1893 to 1899 and is still popular over 100 years later. I think the point is, the name and word get a lot of recognition, and some of our favorite household personalities hold the name: Manganiello, Montana, Biden, Smith…okay just kidding on that one.  How much more common can ya get?  

 Today kind of sucks to be named Anastasia or Gerald, Lynette or Samuel, but the good news is on day number 12 or 20 or who knows of the Coronavirus stay in, naming and tagging other Joes could be fun. Raise your cup of coffee to any of your three letter pals, Ya Jagoff! 

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