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Eyes on the Road, Not the Read

Texting and driving is still scary and unsafe, but look out because the newest rage among people 50 and older is writing, reading and driving.  The proof is on Route 30 near Westmoreland Mall in the early afternoon.

Definitely in need of a double take because, let’s face it, we have all seen the classic Big Mac eating, cell phone text or talking (not hands free), and smoking.  Thanks to the GPS we have eliminated map reading…I think.  But this demo was caught writing and reading.  Legit pen in hand and what looked like a greeting card.

You have heard of Spidey sense? My Jagoff senses tell me this guy was rushing (not really) to the post office to send off his family holiday card before it became the New Year recap. He didn’t know a pic was being snapped or that he was going right around the 20-30 MPH range on a major highway….all to get his cards signed, sealed, and delivered.

Drive and be attentive when driving.  Pull over and finish your salutations, drivers will appreciate you more.  Then write on, ya jagoff.  Till then eyes on the road not the read.


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