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Psychic Arrested. Didn’t See It Coming

psychic captured jagoff

The title of this blog pretty much is the joke.  On top of that, the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s kind of took the punchline lead too!


  • A Westmoreland County woman, known as the Psychic Novena, was arrested in Florida.
  • The ALLEGED story is that she charged a Westmoreland County man $1OK for her psychic abilities.
  • Needless to day, she didn’t deliver any fortunes.. but.. she took her small fortune of $1Ok with her on a trip to Florida.
  • See full story on KDKA-TV website.

Soooo.. to steal the punchline from the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Facebook post..if you’re a psychic, ya shoulda seen this coming…. YaJagoff!!

Thanks to MaryMac Bakehouse on Twitter for the heads up!



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