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Polish Hill

Tucked away on its hillside, Polish Hill sits silently on a snowy February night. It’s two in the morning and the snow keeps falling. My footprints are the first to break the even plane of perfectly accumulated snow. I appreciate a warm summer evening, but this environment is transformative.

Glowing street lights on white snow highlight the eclectic nature of this neighborhood. It feels insulated, like being inside. Bright on the eyes and soft on the ears.

Having the streets to myself gives me some room to appreciate what we have here on this quiet hillside. It’s a passthrough neighborhood to most which I’m okay with. To me, it’s a quirky secret with a charmingly gritty core.

The spirit and stubbornness of Polish Hill quash the fast-moving development that so many Pittsburgh neighborhoods are facing. It’s a weird place and should stay that way. That’s why we’re here after all.

An everchanging display of barbies hidden in the depths of Polish Hill

A private plot converted into a shared outdoor space on Finland Street

The renowned “Witamy Do Polish Hill” sign on Melwood Avenue below the Bloomfield Bridge

One of many plastic bunnies attached to the overlook along Melwood Avenue

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church as seen from a back alley

The Rock Room bar and music venue on Melwood Avenue

Polish Hill Rock Room

A modified yard sign staked just below a piece of local art on Brereton Street

A timeless scene behind John Paul Plaza on Hancock Street

Elan Mizrahi

Elan Mizrahi focuses on people first. He has a unique point of view that allows him to deliver authentic imagery to his clients. His extensive travels and professional background in New York City have fine-tuned his ability to navigate new environments and connect with people. Elan believes that a good photo begins with a good conversation and often finds characters in unlikely situations. Visit for more information.

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