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Sending out an SOS Podcast  

January 26, 2021

 Neville Island’s secret gem, the Vault Recording Studio, served as the recording studio to multiple Pittsburgh area musicians, led by Eric Rodger, who recorded the SOS song in support of musicians and music venues.  With COVID-19 protocols in place, Bob McCutcheon of the Vault engineered SOS, Save Our Stages, sung by almost 30 bands.  Ninety-nine cents per download helps Adam Valen of Drusky Entertainment continue his support of the national relief fund.

MUSIC : “SOS 2020” – Download it now! 

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Bob McCutcheon

Founder and president of the award-winning The Vault Recording Studio, Bob McCutcheon engineered the music production and is helping pioneer the support of SOS2020PGH, a local project and song produced to give relief to singers, songwriters, venues and recording artists during the pandemic.  

Eric Rodger

With 30 bands and over sixty musicians, acclaimed guitarist from Royal Honey, Eric Roger joins the discussion with a melodic hard rock song, “SOS 2020”.  The chant-like song brings relief to the music industry and to ‘save the stages’ in Pittsburgh.  Eric and friends croon this tune which has led to a concert series to continue awareness for musicians and venues locally.

Adam Valen

Marketing Manager at Drusky Entertainment, Adam Valen grabs the mic to talk about the compelling initiative with the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) and SOS2020PGH.  The ecosystem of music will prevail with every ninety-nine cent per download of the “SOS 2020” song, and the music and venue-saving initiative has just begun.

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