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Pittsburgh Parking App hacked

I was the founding father, the ultimate leader, a military man and politician. I gave more than my two cents, I mean 23 more.  But that is not how you can measure my worth.  I mean check out this track record.  I am responsible for full loads of laundry, long distance phone calls from grimy pay telephones, and have been in more claw prize machines than I can count.

I am responsible for rewarding kids with rubber balls, slimy worms, gum balls, stickers and fake tattoos.  Damn, I have been known to satisfy a few adults with air fresheners for the car and scratch offers for lottery tickets. Back in the day, a roll of me would last hours at a slot machine. And let me tell you I have been dropped, jangled, jammed and short-changed, but never have I ever been hacked.  PROUDLY!  Wish I could say the same for the meter feeder app.  I mean that SOB took my job.  I was the king of parking, til the app came along.

Karma sucks though because modern technology comes in all cocky and hey see me? What happens after time? a hack.  Not to the ol’ quarter with my face on it. First it was Zoom bombers now app hackers. Shoulda stuck with ol’ Georgie the quarter and this would not have happened, ya jagoff!

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