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Get Ready to Sip, Chug, and Compete at the Pickle Juice Drinking Contest

Calling all pickle enthusiasts in Pittsburgh!

The highly anticipated Pickle Juice Drinking Contest during Picklesburgh is back, and it’s time to showcase your pickle prowess.

Prepare to chug a jar full of delectable dill juice and compete for the coveted title of Mayor of Picklesburgh and a chance to win $500 in grand prize money. This exciting event, presented by the Pittsburgh Pickle Company and hosted by our YaJagoff! Podcast and Radio Show, promises thrilling rounds of intense competition. So, grab your pickle-loving friends and get ready for an epic showdown!

The Ultimate Pickle Showdown

The Pickle Juice Drinking Contest is an exhilarating battle that celebrates the briny goodness of pickles. Contestants will put their taste buds, speed, and courage to the test as they gulp down jars of delicious dill juice. With every sip, competitors inch closer to glory and the chance to claim the coveted title of Mayor of Picklesburgh. The stakes are high, with a grand prize of $500 up for grabs!

This year’s Pickle Juice Drinking Contest is made possible by the generous support of the Pittsburgh Pickle Company, who provides the official Picklexir for the competition. The event is proudly hosted by our YaJagoff! Podcast and Radio Show.

The Pickle Juice Drinking Contest is a multi-day event, filled with excitement and pickle-fueled action. Preliminary rounds will take place on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22, where participants will battle it out for a spot in the ultimate pickle juice smackdown championship on Sunday, July 23. This grand finale promises a lip-smacking experience as contestants strive to prove their mettle.

Registration Details:

Ready to take on the challenge? Register for the Pickle Juice Drinking Contest on the official Picklesburgh website at It’s important to secure your spot early, as there are a limited number of competition slots available. Don’t miss out on this pickle-powered extravaganza! On-site registration opportunities will also be provided for those who are unable to register in advance.

Join the Pickle-Filled Fun:

Whether you’re a pickle aficionado or simply enjoy a unique competition, the Pickle Juice Drinking Contest is an event not to be missed. Cheer on the brave competitors as they gulp down jar after jar of pickle juice in pursuit of pickle glory. With an electrifying atmosphere and the chance to witness pickle enthusiasts at their best, this contest is sure to entertain and delight.

Get ready to embrace the pickle juice frenzy and experience the pickle-loving spirit that makes Picklesburgh a beloved Pittsburgh tradition. It’s time to raise your jars and toast to a thrilling contest that will leave you brimming with pickle-inspired joy!

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