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PGH Parking Chair Doesn’t Work Everywhere

From Nor’side to an annual Canonsburg parade, the parking chair is the popular space saver in the 412 and 724, and maybe even stretches to the 814…I don’t know.  It is the act of using a chair to mark your territory, specifically for parking, but really for anywhere and for anything you want to park.

Yinzers often saw old vinyl upholstered dining room chairs with the ugliest, I mean, most vintage and cherished pattern ever. Now it can be as simple as a folding chair to say, hey jagoff, don’t park here.

Thanks to our pals at Pierce Events, we learn this is NOT the case in Nashville. They use a bucket to secure a spot to park.  I mean was this thought through, or was it the closest item a person could find to set in place? Is there a Stush who worked at the mill and though of the bucket to preserve? I just don’t think so.

Hey, Nashville, behold the yinzer tradition and pay homage.  Or, be a copy cat, ya jagoff!


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