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#PeterParker in Lebo

Jagoff #PeterParkers

This is kinda our “super bowl,” our jam, our.. … I dunno what else to say!

In searching the hashtag #jagoff, this is what resulted today on Instagram.  A classic #PeterParkers pic!  A picture of someone completely unaware of their surroundings requiring the driver of the car on the right to transform into a PixieStick in order to get into there car. Either that or do a full-body crawl over the center console from the passenger side.

Here’s what our jagoff catcher posted with the pic:” My red, Hyundai Tucson is parked on the right, perfectly between the lines. I’m not sure if the red Hyundai Tucson on the left is jealous of my nicer, newer model, but he sure parked like a true jagoff.”

Hi ya Hyundai!  See what we did there?

Thanks for the squeeze play parking. The only good excuse, right now, for doing this is you were listening to an excited Pirates game and got distracted while you were parking!  That excuse hasn’t been plausible for years so.. use that vs. you were on your phone when you parked and we won’t be mad… YaJagoff!

Thanks to @Burgh_Gal for being our honorary jagoff catcher today.

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