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It’s a Peter Parker Friday


I’m taking the EASY way out for this Friday blog post and officially calling today #PeterParkers Friday.  If you’re new here, you can find out why we call these #PeterParkers here.

Ya gotta love the kayak guy.  Guessing there was no place to park that thing in the back anywhere.  He wanted to show off those spiffy kayaks.  Not sure which would sink faster, one of those kayaks or that truck.  Anyone know a truck/kayak restoration

And on the car in the New Jersey parking lot…. the driver is actually sleeping in the car.  Who wants to be the first to drive up right to the front bumper, turn their headlights on and lay on their horn?

Thanks to Hawaii Instagramer @808Nori_t and Facebook follower Brian B. from New Jersey for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers!

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