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Driving Jagoffs

The Perpendicular Pumper



Really?  There’s not some common sense thing that tells you you should pull parallel to the fuel pumps vs. perpendicular?

Here’s the message that was on the Instagram photo from the Monroeville GetGo:

I think I’m just gonna stay in today. Too many morons are out.

Lady, I’ve struggled with math, algebra and geometry a little myself…

Which one of these hickey-ma-jiggers, < >, is greater than?  Is it the one that OPENS to the larger number or the one that POINTS to the larger number?

If the Mon Incline leaves the station at 10:02 am and has 9 passengers on it and travels at 5 mph on a chain, solve for x which = the number of passengers that have tried to walk down the side of Mount Washington.

Horizontal vs Vertical  (Hint: Vertical blinds go across your window which means they should be HORIZONTAL BLINDS but we call them vertical because engineers are the same jagoffs that got A’s in your math class)

But YOUR struggle seems a little worse my Monroeville Petro Maden.

Here’s to hoping you get the parallel vs. perpendicular thingy figured out before you try to “Perpendicular Park,” Ya Jagoff.


Thanks to Tim O’Ghoul on Instgram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

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