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Parking Lot Spin the Bottle?

YaJagoff Jagoff Blog

This empty bottle poses so many questions. Who drinks alcohol, from the bottle, in daylight, and litters afterward? Being a Tito’s fan I could add, and it’s not the good stuff!

This empty bottle of what looks to be alcohol was spotted in a MALL parking lot people. Another question to pose, why there? What is so bad that you are drinking in your vehicle at a mall? Back to school prices not what you hoped? Or did the litterer just toss it from another binge? Plus, I am pretty sure there is a Things Remembered in the mall where they sell flasks to better protect “your goods.”  Ya know, keep it discreet, a little more confined.

I get that we have long days that need to come to an end, but end the day at home, oh and pour your fave alcoholic bev into a glass.  Last thing, toss the empty bottle into a blue bag, not out of your car into a parking lot, ya jagoff!

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