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Religion Jagoffs

Our FIRST Religious Jagoff

 Click Here to See Story On WTAE (It’s all over but thought I would use this link)

OK.. I grew up Catholic but was picked up by the Presbyterians on “divorce waivers.”   So I get the whole church and shown’ yer faith thing.  But this guy??????

Look, I remember using my faith for leverage when it benefitted me – going to Catholic School, we LOVED “Holy Days of Obligation” cuz we went to early mass and got the rest of the day OFF!  I also remember, as a teen,  going to Saturday night church, grabbing a bulletin, then immediately leaving to hang out with my friends but STILL having the homily theme at the tip of my tounge on Monday morning to prove I showed up! 

This guy’s havin’ a spat with his neighbor and decides to erect a HUMONGOUS, IMPOSING, LIGHTED-LIKE-A-CASINO cross on his property to “show his faith!” He actually goes on the tube sayin’ he’s got a calling from the Lord to show his faith.  Sheeesh!!!

Carl-buddy, ya know your leveraging yer faith just to spite yer neighbor (It’s as obvious as your need to stand closer to yer razor.) 

Before we go to the church and prove yer a liar by asking them them to count yer weekly Donation Envelopes (cuz that’s how they record attendance), WISE UP, and TAKE THE CROSS DOWN and stop wasting news time and borough legal time, YA JAGOFF!!!

(But by ALL MEANS, feel free to post videos of ya doing your daily prayers on YouTube if ya wanna show us, and yer construction buddies, how “faithfull” you are!)

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