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Driving Jagoffs

Ohio Driver Education – A Review of the Passing Lane


It’s vacation season and time for the Pittsburghers and Ohio-ans to make the pilgrimage south for a week of R&R that’s far enough away from home but STILL has Pittsburgh bars!  What that means is, overloading the car to the point of packing the kids in coolers, watching for speed-traps in Summersville, West Virginia and trying to figure out how you can make it to just over the Virginia line on 1/4 tank of gas cuz fuel is 20-cents cheaper!

It also means, if you’re playing “Car Bingo” and you have a card full of empty spaces that say “Ohio Driver Doing Speed Limit OR Less In Fast Lane,” you are more than likely gonna to win every game!!!

As evidence, we provide the photos above.  The top pic came with a Tweet that said:

This for almost a mile.

The second pic is us, riding along the PA Turnpike towards Ohio, and there’s our man, nothing ahead of him but grey concrete and blue sky.  Nothing to the side of him other than… well.. NOTHING.  Yet he’s cruising in the left lane, watching others pass him in the right lane.

Don’t know why this Buckeye Phenomenon exists but even our Ohio friends agree… Ohio-ans use the passing lane as a BICYCLE LANE practically.  There’s a proposed law to teach our Buckeyed Friends how to drive:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – You’re late for work. You’re about to miss your kid’s school play. Or you’re just plain impatient. But the person blocking the passing lane, driving at or below the speed limit, is about to make you crazy.  A southwestern-Ohio lawmaker feels your pain and wants to pass a law to fix it.

<Full Article Here>

Here’s OUR plan… legislate-SMEGISTRATE…if we hit the lottery, we’re gonna get in our cars EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING and drive around SLOWLY on all of the major Ohio roads with absolutely NO PURPOSE during rush hour.   On some days, we might actually drive a backhoe around between the hours of 7am-9am on the major roads.

We’re also going to start a nonprofit group called,  “Drivers Without A Purpose.” Our first State charter will be in OHIO cuz its clear THAT state is full of potential members.

So one last time for the folks in Ohio… the right lane is where you drive while you’re taking in the sights and chatting about how reckless those Pennsylvania drivers are.  The left lane is for passing… as in… GOING FASTER than everyone else.  The gas pedal is the one on the RIGHT, Ya Jagoffs!


Thanks to Twitter follower BaldFatGuy for the pic and for being our

Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

“Your phone’s ringing, Ya Jagoff!”  Free Ring Tones

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