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Oh Deer, What A Pet

You’d think they would make good pets. They require nature’s food, ya know grass and acorns. They sleep wherever and are typically shy. But come on people they are no Rover the dog or Minka the cat. They are still wildlife.

But oh deer, we have seen white tails crossing streets during lunch hour, and antlers have become as common in city life as windshield wipers in rain. Deer are the poster animals for suburban woods and cityscapes.  But that doesn’t mean you adopt them as pets people. Ya just don’t tickle their bellies and throw a stick to play fetch. They. Are .Still. Wildlife.

This pic could tell a different story. It looks like the perf greeting card for anything. Congrats on your new home! Welcome home! You insert the salutation and it works, well, except congrats on your new pet.  They are great to look at and admire, but deer are not pets, ya jagoff!


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