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Norwin Soccer Field Turfed by Some Jagoffs

Norwin Soccer Field damaged


The pic says it all.  The Norwin Soccer Club had it’s fields groomed and ready to go and then this… someone decided to go turf the turf!  Now their are deep ruts in the field.  See full story on

Here’s the odd part…do ya think the silver truck driver traveled a long way to go find this soccer field?  Nope!  More than likely the truck is from somewhere in the neighborhood sooooo.. shouldn’t take long to find that big ol’ truck full of mud.

Pretty cool  to use your small-manhood-truck to spin out all over a kids’ soccer field.. especially just before their season starts.  Hoping that, when they catch you, you have to pay for restitution but also hoping that the kids get to have their due with you. Would be kind of fun to have the kids line up and have all 800 of the kids give ya a good soccer kick in the small-manhood region of your body as they pass by you to kick a dent into the small-manhood truck door and side panels.

Good job with your joy riding….won’t be long until we find your truck.. YaJagoff!

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