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No.. I Don’t Want a Car Wash

Gas Tank Car Wash Jagoff blog

It’s cold and miserable out. Snow, ice…minus-something wind chill factors… buying hot coffee from a gas station, not for the taste but to keep your hands warm.

It’s windy when I go to the gas tank and all I want is GAS but… noooooooooooooo… gotta STILL take what seems to be an S.A.T. exam to get the pump to work! What type of card? Do I want to order a hot dog? Do I have a perks number? But the question of a car wash on a day.. right now… when the gas station’s car wash isn’t even open???

Gas station peeps… there are high-tech, gas pumps that talk to me, show me Jimmy Fallon videos. and allow me to tap my card.. don’t even have to swipe.

So… why can’t your new pumps know when the weather looks like @#$@%@ or is too cold for me to stand their and answer unnecessary questions…. YaJagoffs?

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