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No Field of, Or Toilet of, Dreams Here

Man breaks into altoona curve stadium

When the story starts out that someone broke into a professional baseball stadium, like the home of the Altoona Curve, you hope to have it end up like some kind of field of dreams story….the person just wanted to run the bases and get over that feeling of when the struck out at the bottom of the ninth, with two outs left, bases loaded to win the high school championship.

This ain’t that story.

Our guy ALLEGEDLY broke in to the Altoona Curve baseball stadium. He broke a few windows while rummaging around, gathered a few things and….by the way.. was captured on video doing what he was doing. You know, because there are video cameras EVERYWHERE.

He then fell asleep in on a toilet at a golf course. You may be picturing a classy clubhouse toilet but don’t! After his big spree, he fell asleep in a golf course porta toilet!!!  Who could EVER?????? See full story on

Dude, to us, the worst offense here is falling asleep in a porta toilet. I can barely go in to one of those an pee let alone sit down and fall asleep!!!  Hope you got a good hose-down and scrubbing when you got to jail…. YaJagoff!

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