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Morning Rush Hour Jagoffery

Jagoffs during rush hours

Out for a walk.. not in traffic yet but others were and THIS is what they found during the rush.. to get to work!

Somewhere in the neighborhood, a work crew was apparently grinding up a road and repaving it.  So, right around 7:30, when they were done with the grinding part, they moved this machine back to it’s trailer…AND STOPPED TRAFFIC while this thing, that drove about 2 mph, mozied down the street.

It kind of looked like a one-vehicle parade according to bystander, Rachael Rennebeck. There was a guy in lots of bright yellow safety clothing and a construction hat carrying a “follow me this way” flag walking in front of the vehicle for, what seemed, 54 minutes, while it made it’s way into rush hour traffic’s way

We get it. We want our streets fixed but…. does nobody have a clue when rush hour traffic starts and ends? Can’t we just have a construction crew coffee until 9:15 and THEN put this back on the trailer, Ya Jagoffs?

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